map-new-right(A) At the Kosi Bay border post you will need to have your passports stamped at Customs and Immigration on the South African side of the border; the driver will need to produce a valid driver's license as well as the vehicle's registration papers after which you will be allowed to cross to the Mozambican side of the border.

(B) After this enter Customs and Immigration and have your passports stamped; visitors not holding a South African passport will need to apply for entry visas at the same time, these are issued then and there.

(C) Complete a Temporary Import permit for your vehicle to the left of the entrance as well as Third Party insurance directly in front of the entrance.

(D) Proceed through the border gates, keeping to the right. The journey from here to Ponta do Ouro is a delightful one of exploration – follow the main, most frequently used, roads – these will guide you to the right for the better part of your journey.

(E) On entering Ponta and having passed the local food market on your left, proceed up the hill and turn right taking the left fork of the main road at the T-Junction. You will pass the main Village Square on your left; continue straight toward the campsite boom gate where you will find us on the right hand side.